Майкл Малитовски и Джоанна Люнис прекратили конкурсную карьеру

Майкл и Джоанна выиграли «Open British Championships 2015» в 8-й раз ...


После чего потрясли весь танцевальный мир следующим заявлением:

«Dear dance family. Let’s NOT say goodbye. …

We shall not retire. We shall not live off our pension plan.

Dancing is like poetry for us.

And each movement is a word. We are addicted to it.

Yes, we will surely miss the competition but… we have a taste for something new.

Tonight we realise more than ever that time really flies.

Some 15 years ago we both won our first titles in this ballroom. It feels that those moments were only yesterday.

Tonight is a happy time for us. We are happy to have danced our final competition here. In the most elegant ballroom of all.

With great live music. And we are happy we felt all your love and support. For so many years. Thank you all for that. And «Thank you» dear parents. Without your love and support… well you understand what we mean. And a very special thank you is for Josee: you are so more than our mom. We also want to thank our British team: Alan and Hazel, Mick and Lorna, Lorraine, Graham, Paul, Richard, DSI, Supadance and Vesa Design. We couldn’t have done it without you all. Another sincere thank you goes to our Dutch «Tulips», Peter and Max, for always being there for us from the very beginning. Without a doubt our biggest thank you must go to…Ruud Vermeij. We always felt he was with us for a full 100%. And to be honest: that wasn’t always that easy. Dear Ruud, you are our hero. In dance and in life.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to have shared this moment with you. We leave you in UP feeling. So let’s NOT say goodbye but let’s just say…thank you.»


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